Be Aware of Mortgage Penalties

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By STEVE HUEBL NOVEMBER 6, 2017 Mortgage penalties are probably hated about as much as taxes—but tenfold. Particularly when those penalties reach into the five figures. Take this case of an Edmonton couple that was initially quoted $17,000 to break their five-year fixed mortgage early. But homebuyers need not fall into the trap of being stuck with enormous penalties simply to break their mortgage early. Particularly when we know that the...

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Sky-high house prices? Parents to the rescue

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Sky-high house prices? Parents to the rescue STEVE HUEBL AUGUST 9, 2017   With housing affordability declining across Canada, one trend is on the rise: parents are increasingly helping their adult children when it comes to housing. That assistance is coming in the form of cash gifts/loans for today’s growing down payments, and also from parents providing shelter to their adult children under their own roof. New data released...

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Soft or Hard Landing for the Toronto Real Estate Market?

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    Soft or Hard Landing for the Toronto Real Estate Market? NOVAK JANKOVIC JULY 19, 2017 TWEET SHARE42 LINKEDIN22 June brought more declines in sales and prices to the Toronto real estate market, but are we in the midst of a soft landing or the beginning of a housing crash? Fortunately, the data suggests that the former is more likely. Based on Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) data for June, sales of homes were 37.7 per...

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Prime Follows BoC Overnight Rate Up

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Home Bank of Canada   Prime Follows BoC Overnight Rate Up STEVE HUEBL JULY 13, 2017 TWEET SHARE8 LINKEDIN2 It’s official: hundreds of thousands of Canadians will be paying higher interest rates as early as today. After two years stuck at just 0.50%, the Bank of Canada finally raised its overnight rate by a quarter-point to 0.75%, marking its first rate hike in almost seven years. Within 2.5 hours of the announcement Wednesday...

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Most Canadian Homeowners Unprepared for Financial Shocks

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By Canadian mortgage trends STEVE HUEBL MAY 25, 2017   TWEET SHARE5 LINKEDIN4 It’s common knowledge—or at least it should be by now—that Canadians are carrying worrying levels of debt. The latest reminder of how fragile the situation is comes from Manulife Bank’s Homeowner Debt Survey, which found that 72 per cent of mortgage holders wouldn’t be able to manage a 10% increase in their monthly payments. Given that the...

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8 in 10 Millennials Intend to Buy in 5 Years

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February 28, 2017   Robert McLister   47  (Canadian mortgage trends) About a third (34%) of millennials (Canadians born in the 80s and 90s) are homeowners, finds a new HSBC survey. Of those who don’t own, 82% plan to buy in the next five years. But there’s a minor problem:  70% of them haven’t saved enough for a down payment. Enter the parental units. Dependent supporters are rushing to the rescue of a small chunk of...

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